Christmas Tree Registration

The structure of this tree is warranted for fifteen years to be free of defects as a result of faulty manufacture or materials if the defect existed at the time of manufacture or develops under normal use. Ordinary wear and tear excepted. Light sets included with pre-lit trees are warranted the first Christmas season of the tree purchase only. If any of the structural parts should fail to hold or be held within the warranty period, contact us at 1-866-723-3625 so that you may be provided with the needed replacement parts. This warranty is limited to parts only, not labor, transportation or any subsequent expense incurred by the owner. This warranty does not imply the replacement of the entire tree, but does cover such parts as proven defective.

OPTION: If for any uncontrollable reason the needed parts are not available, the owner would then have the option to apply his/her pro-rated schedule* (shown below) toward the purchase of a new tree.
*The cost of the new tree will be based on the suggested retail price in effect at the time of the claim.

This warranty is valid only if the purchaser completes the registration form below within 15 days of purchase.

Tree Pro-Rated Schedule

From Date of Purchase
During 1st year....Owner cost is 0%
During 2nd year...Owner cost is 10%
During 3rd year...Owner cost is 20%
During 4th year...Owner cost is 40%
During 5th year...Owner cost is 50%
During 6th year...Owner cost is 60%
Years 7 thru 15...Owner cost is 80%

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Quality of Construction

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